Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Card

Ok, so here it is, let me walk you through it.

As you can see, Noah wrote 'HAPPY' really well at the top of the card. 'FATHERS' is a little out of order, but still clear. And 'DAY' is clear in the middle of the card, right above the picture of me.

Here's the back of the card. You can see the picture of Noah, the number 3 (which is how old he is) on the left hand side of the picture, and his signature on the right side of the picture.

Finally, you open the card, and find two large pictures of me. It made me feel pretty important!

Eye Coconuts

Noah was rubbing his eye, and Mommy asked him, "Is there something in your eye?"

Noah replied plainly, "Yeah.... But it's just a coconut."

Clean Up

Colleen told Noah, on Monday morning, that we would have to clean up his room because Alleen and Thomas were coming over on Tuesday.

A few hours later, still on Monday, Noah gets up and says "I'll be right back!".

After waiting a little bit, Colleen hears some rustling in his room and goes to check on him....

"What are you doing?" Colleen asked him....

"Just cleaning my room."

We're not quite sure what he was cleaning, but we're not going to stop him....

Thursday, June 4, 2009


We had an insanely loud thunderstorm in the middle on the night on Tuesday. It lasted for about an hour, but the claps of thunder set off car alarms throughout our neighborhood.

Both Colleen and I asked Noah, at seperate times, if he had heard the thunder.

Mommy asked him in the morning when he woke up...

Mommy: Noah, did you hear the thunder last night?

Noah: No, I didn't hear it because my am brave.

Daddy asked him the next night, when the were going to bed...

Daddy: Noah, did you hear the thunder last night?

Noah: Yes! It said ZOBOOMAFOO!