Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Wants Food?

We were driving around, looking for a fun place to eat on Sunday morning.....

Mommy: Where do you want to eat, Noah?

Noah: I'm not hungry, let's go to the surfboard shop!

A Little Pick Up

Daddy, can my have a piggy-bank ride?

Friday, July 3, 2009

That's A Cute Boy

Noah on his really cool "motorcycle"!

Noah with a surprise for Mommy!


While riding on his bike, on the way back from feeding the ducks, Noah noticed a black guy ride past us on a bike.

Noah: Hey Daddy! That guy looks like Obama!!!!

The Last Piece

Noah and I went on a bike ride to feed the ducks today....

Noah was doing a majority of the feeding, while I was sitting and handing him piece after piece of the bread....

I got up to give Noah the last piece of bread...

Daddy: Ok Noah, this is the last piece of bread....

Noah: This is the last piece? This is the last piece?!?!?!

Daddy: Yup.... This is the last piece, so use it wisely.

Noah: Here Daddy, you can have some of the last piece too....


I figured I'd post this here too, because some people read this blog and not the other one....

Alleen, Noah's cousin, is spending the night tonight. We all had a really fun evening. We ate some pizza, watched Strawberry Shortcake and Curious George, went to the park, and had strawberries for dessert.

Now it's midnight, and I'm sleeping in Noah's bunk bed.

It's really an interesting story about how this came to be... Well, it'll be interesting to the people who read this blog.

Noah and Alleen were tucked into Noah's bunk bed, I read them a couple bedtime stories, then we shut everything down (except for the hall light). Colleen and I went to our room and got ready, until we heard Noah and Alleen talking about how Noah was scared....

Colleen was already in bed, so I went and sat on the floor and asked if they wanted to hear a bedtime song. They both enthusiastically agreed to a bedtime song, however, Noah demanded that he get to sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' before I get a chance to sing anything.

After he finished, after starting over three times, we all decided that they'd like to hear the 'Winnie the Pooh' song. Halfway through, Noah wrapped his arms around my neck and said 'I want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed.' Alleen quickly said 'I'm going with him, I don't want to sleep alone.'

Sounds good to me, I'll go ahead and trade, Noah and Alleen would sleep in my bed, and I'll sleep in Noah's bed.

Ten minutes later, my name is called and my bedtime story services are needed yet again.... So I laid at the end of the bed and asked what kind of story they'd like to hear. Alleen asked for a George Washington story. Of course I had a stack of George Washington stories handy.... If you've never heard the story about how George Washington loved trees, you've really been missing out! He loved them so much, that his mother told him that if he loved trees so much, he should eat one. So he went for a walk in the forest, found the perfect tree, and ate it. After he ate it, he noticed his teeth had turned into wood, and that's how they came up with the famous tongue twister:

How much wood could a wood-George george if a wood-George could george wood?

A wood-George could george as much wood, as a wood-George could george, if a Wood-George could george wood.

That story earned me the title of the "funniest person in all the land". After that story, they were right on the edge of slumber, so the question was posed again, "Would you like to hear another story?"

"Why don't you tell us another story about George Washington?" Alleen says. So I go back to my 'infinite' supply of George Washington stories, and tell them about how George Washington helped make the United States what they are today, until they fell asleep.

So now it's midnight, and I'm all alone in Noah's bed. All alone.....