Monday, November 9, 2009

Daddy's Costume

On the way from Coffee Bean to Grandmommy's house to trick-or-treat:

Noah: Daddy, what is your costume?

Daddy: Um, I don't really have a costume.... I know.... I'm a handsome man.... That's my costume.....

Noah: No.... Oh, I know! Your costume is the Greatest Daddy In The Whole World!

Happy Halloween

Cutest elephant and bumblebee ever!

A very dramatic bumble bee....

Elephants get thirsty too....

Relaxing after running laps around the Coffee Bean....

A rare sighting of the elusive dinosaur....

Chelsea holding the elephant.....

What's funny about this, is that this picture was taken a week before Halloween....

Just another Saturday night....

Sam was the mother, Suzi was the daughter, and Zach was her teddy bear.....

Angry (or scary) elephant....

Scary bumblebee....

Elephants love to slide....

Lord of the Bumblebee Dance.....

Leaving for trick-or-treating....

Cutest. Elephant. Ever.....

We found Elmo!

A girl and her teddy bear....

One last picture of two exhausted kids after a long, long night.

One really cute story about how the night went..... Everyone else got tired, so Alleen asked me if I could take her and Noah trick or treating for a few more houses.... I love trick or treating, so it was no problem with me, and Noah, Alleen and I trudged off to do a few more houses.

After 2 or 3 more houses, Noah complained about his trick or treat bag being heavy and asked if I could carry it.... So we trudged on, with me holding Noah's bag.....

About three houses later, Alleen started complaining about her bag being heavy.... Noah told her "My can carry it Alleen.... My am super strong!'

Noah carried Alleen's bag for the rest of the night, while I carried his....

Miniature Golf - Round 2

Noah on his way to the first hole. Ready to dominate the course.

Noah at Hole 12. One of his two holes in one for the day.

A view of hole 12.

Another view of hole 12, just to show you how impressive his hole in one was.....

Noah's favorite hole on the course. When you hit the ball into the volcano, it makes erupting sounds. You know..... 'aboom, aboom, aboom'.

By the way, for those of you who are keeping score:

Holes in One

Noah - 4
Daddy - 0

Pumpkin Patch Day

I know I'm a day late with these photos, but I'm definitely not a dollar short. Noah was in top form on his trip to the pumpkin patch with daddy.

Posing in the wheelbarrow.

Fist pump after climbing the haystack pyramid.

Noah loves barrels.

Tiny man on a big tractor.

Yes, the sign does say 'For Safety, Please Do Not Get On The Tractor', however, Noah plays by his own rules. He's a renegade.

I think he's raising the 'pumpkin patch' roof.

We found pimply pumpkins.

Just a really cute picture.

That's right, we entered the corn maze.

Noah is searching for the treasure after successfully completing the corn maze.

Noah made some new friends.

and more new friends.

and more new friends.

and more new friends.

and more new friends.

Finally, an exhausted Noah proudly holds up the gourd of his choosing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Thoughts From Big Brother

First thing Noah said this morning:

Good morning Lucy!

Second thing Noah said this morning:

Crocodiles live in the water. Did you know that Lucy?

Dr. Noah

Amyra came over to see Noah and Lucy, and Noah was very excited....

Noah was laying on the ground and was pretending that his neck was hurting..... Amyra sat down next to him and said 'Dr. Amyra is here to save the day!' She gave him a zurbit (raspberry) on his tummy and he felt all better....

About 20 minutes later, Noah accidentally knocked me on the head and I fell over and pretended to be unconscious....

Noah yelled 'Dr. Amyra! Dr. Amyra! Come help Dr. Noah! Daddy is hurt!'

Amyra came over and sat down and Noah ran away and said 'Wait here, I need to get the 'ear thing'!' He went and grabbed the pretend 'ear thing', came back, said 'Let's check his ear' and stuck his finger in my ear.

I didn't wake up, so Noah said 'I know! 'Wait here, I need to get the 'knee thing'!' He went and grabbed the pretend 'knee thing', came back, said 'Let's check his knees' and tapped my knees..... I kicked, but I didn't wake up....

Noah ran away and said 'Wait here, I need to get the 'eye thing'!' He went and grabbed the pretend 'eye thing', came back, said 'Let's check his eyes' and poked at my eyes.....

I still didn't wake up, so Noah had one more idea. He ran away and said 'I need to get the butt thing!'

'What did you say?' asked Amyra....

'I'm getting the butt thing!' Noah said....

It's amazing how quick of a recovery I made!

Tired Feet

We played another 36 holes of miniature golf this week, and it took a lot out of him....

Around the 34th hole, Noah told me:

Noah: Daddy, my feet are tired....

Daddy: Really?

Noah: Yeah, they're yawning...

Patience Is A Virtue

I was building up my afternoon of miniature golf with Noah all morning, and Noah was getting super excited about our trip. On our way to play our round of miniature golf, Noah kept asking if we were going to be there soon. I told Noah that he'll see a big purple castle when we get close to the miniature golf course, and that if he's patient, it will be easier to see the castle....

Noah told me:

Daddy, it's not easy being patient.

But not for me!

I've been patient all day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Piano Man

Noah and I went for a ride this morning and he asked if we could listen to some music. I asked him what kind of music he wanted to listen to and he said he wanted to listen to the 'piano music', as he was pointing to the Ray Charles CD I had on the backseat (the CD case had piano keys on it.....

So I explained to him that it was a Ray Charles CD, and that Ray Charles couldn't see anything ever since he lost his eyesight when he was a really young boy and he was really good at playing the piano.

I then asked Noah:

Daddy: You know the piano and Grandma and Papa's house? Remember how hard it
is to play that piano? Imagine if you couldn't see the keys?

Noah exasperatedly says: What?!? I can play that piano!

Then, as he hears the first piano solo, he closes his eyes and plays air piano.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Noah's First Round Of Golf

Noah and I got an opportunity to play miniature golf this weekend and he was as cute as ever.... By the way, we played 36 holes, he got 2 holes in one.... I got 0 holes in one.... I must be a really good teacher.... Yeah.... That's it....

Noah stumped by the swinging log.

Noah lines up his putt.

Noah collects his golf ball after a very tricky putt.

Noah celebrating his first hole in one!

After celebrating his first hole in one, Noah has a moment of modesty.

Noah celebrating his second hole in one!

Noah celebrating his win!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tarantula Stickers

Noah: Mommy, have you seen my tarantula stickers?

Colleen was confused, we had never bought him tarantula stickers.... What was he talking about.... They ended up finding them.... They were chihuahua stickers.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Wants Food?

We were driving around, looking for a fun place to eat on Sunday morning.....

Mommy: Where do you want to eat, Noah?

Noah: I'm not hungry, let's go to the surfboard shop!

A Little Pick Up

Daddy, can my have a piggy-bank ride?

Friday, July 3, 2009

That's A Cute Boy

Noah on his really cool "motorcycle"!

Noah with a surprise for Mommy!