Thursday, October 29, 2009

Piano Man

Noah and I went for a ride this morning and he asked if we could listen to some music. I asked him what kind of music he wanted to listen to and he said he wanted to listen to the 'piano music', as he was pointing to the Ray Charles CD I had on the backseat (the CD case had piano keys on it.....

So I explained to him that it was a Ray Charles CD, and that Ray Charles couldn't see anything ever since he lost his eyesight when he was a really young boy and he was really good at playing the piano.

I then asked Noah:

Daddy: You know the piano and Grandma and Papa's house? Remember how hard it
is to play that piano? Imagine if you couldn't see the keys?

Noah exasperatedly says: What?!? I can play that piano!

Then, as he hears the first piano solo, he closes his eyes and plays air piano.

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